Mistakes That Will Keep You Stuck In Debt #2

Continuing our series of articles on the 7 most common mistakes, we continue from the last article which covered the topic of "Choosing to Ignore the Problem". These articles follow a trend of highlighting our responsibilities and accountabilities in dealing with our debt concerns or addressing how we approach our situations.

Mistake #2 - Convinced You are a Victim...

This is a common one. Sometimes it is justified as there are unfortunate circumstances, such as a health crisis or sudden unemployment, that make it difficult for people to pay their bills.

In these cases, you might feel like you've been dealt a bad hand. But until you can stop identifying yourself as the victim, you won't be able to pay off your debt. You'll be too angry to stay focused, because getting out of debt isn't for the faint of heart; it's hard work, and you have to be all in.

Let me give it to you straight: It's your debt and you're responsible for paying it off.

Now I know it is normal to feel a little victimized. "I experienced a crisis." Losing your job, going through a messy divorce, and being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness all fall into this category.

These are situations that often cause a lot of folks to sink into debt. If you're a parent, this is even more complex because you have mouths to feed. You can't decide to eat canned tuna for six months while you try to fix your money situation. Kids need a good diet, and they grow quickly. This is a debt situation that isn't fair. I get that. Maybe you even had an emergency fund, but it wasn't enough to survive the long months without a steady income or out-of-pocket medical expenses you had to cover.

But here's the harsh reality: It's still your debt and you have to pay it off. Find a way to re-create yourself as a survivor. You faced tough times and you survived. Now you've got debt, but you'll beat that, too.

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